The Odyssey of King David

God’s Broken Vessel

Dr. Sam Mayhugh and D. Paul Thomas have achieved a unique dramatic dialogue, resulting in a text both stirring and ennobling, enacting the compelling story of David’s struggles and showing how meaning and hope can come forth from our engagement with sorrow and pain. Everyone will see themselves in David’s story and hear with joy the insights that Dr. Sam offers us when we are overwhelmed by grief, sorrow, or remorse. Whether you want to learn more about this young shepherd who became king of Israel or need encouragement to overcome life’s sorrows and challenges, you’ll be inspired by The Odyssey of King David. The book is beautifully illustrated by Amy Zaleta-Martinez.

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This book provides persons living under the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic with many resources; help, crisis, and information lines, as well as tips and recommendations about dealing with anxiety and depression, and building resiliency. The medical, social, and financial conditions of this pandemic provide a cascade of stresses on everyone. Opportunities for personal assessment and support are provided.

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Harold's Story

Harold’s Story— A Journey of Uncommon Healing, by Dr. Sam Mayhugh, is a troubling and yet inspiring story, which effortlessly draws the reader into a three-way conversation as Harold tells his story to Dr. Sam, who then responds to the reader with insights and observations honed throughout a lifetime of helping others. Early in the telling of his story, one begins to feel the downward pull of the various traumas that Harold endured; yet even at the darkest moments, there seemed to be a ray of light in the darkness. But how? How could Harold ever recover? His story is truly a journey of “uncommon healing.” Read it and weep … and rejoice!

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